Text: Maris Maria Renne

Isabelle Hattink’s work is focussed on Journalistic Bridal Photography.

Yet: not many people know she does WAY more than just shoot weddings.

Did you know she flies all across the world to host workshops or speak at international Photography Events and Fairs?

In March 2019 she gave an inspirational speech at BODAF Event in Barcelona, about how to adapt your personal emotions and obstacles in your photography.

At April 2nd she was a speaker at the Congresso Fotografar in São Paulo. She won’t have much time to recover from this jetlag, because at April 12th she’ll by flying to Jinan in China.

She’ll be teaching a 3 day course at the MoanaWu Photography Event where students (of all levels) get to learn how to approach photography and make powerfull images. Check the Calendar for all planned events in 2019. New dates will be added soon!

In the slideshow underneath, you’ll get a good impression of the events and workshops Isabelle attends.

Photo credits for this slide go to: Bodaf Europe Convention – Babet Trommelen – Jacqueline Dersjant – Irina Groza – Weddamp – Ciprian Dumitrescu – Eva van Holten – Dries Regle – Eric Parey – Jeff Cooke – Jenn Nauss – Linda Bouritius – Cinderella van der Wiel.

Full monty or private lessons

New spots are open to register for The Full Monty Workshop #4 (November 2019 till November 2020) in Amsterdam. Early Bird tickets are available until June 1st 2019, so don't miss out!

Like previous years, 12 students will benefit a full year of mentoring, during which you'll learn 3 years worth of knowledge and experience.

Thanks to earlier successes: there will be a new series of Abso-fucking-lutely workshops, hosted by Isabelle and her fellow photographer colleague Damon Pijlman.

First date is May 9th 2019 and it's good to know that the previous 3 editions were sold out within hours.

Would you also like to learn from Isabelle, but rather one on one and face to face instead of meeting up at a big event?

Private Skyping is also an option: you'll get to brainstorm together on your photography skills and ask her business related questions. Want to know more? Check the page LEARN!

Available soonish: Isabelle will be providing 'live coaching' on weddings! More info soon at Facebook and Instagram.

Would you like to stay up to date and see Isabelle in action on world wide stages and weddings? Follow @isabellehattink at Instagram!