What is....

Journalistic Bridal Photography?

When searching for a wedding photographer, you’ve most likely ran into the term ‘Journalistic Bridal Photography‘ several times on the internet.
And you’re probably wondering what this means 😉

Long story short: this type of photography is a ‘storytelling report of a wedding day’.

It emphasizes spontaneity: so no posing or staged pictures.
In every wedding there’s a beautiful story to tell with plenty of spontaneous photo’s. There’s so much more to see and show than just the ‘Saying I Do‘ or cutting of the cake.

Think of pageboys who need a quick diaper change on the back of a fancy wedding car. Or a bride who’s withdrawing herself from the crowd, to breastfeed her baby. Or this one time when a bride (all groomed up) made a pit-stop at a supermarket to score some chewing gum.

Some of these beautiful stories are displayed in this slideshow:

Newlywed's Wishes

So you're getting married and are interested in Journalistic Bridal Photography.
But most likely, you would also like some beautiful staged pictures with you and your partner or special relatives?

No worries: even when we are taking a moment 'to pose' it is still possible to shoot journalistic photo's.

At your wedding day, you're often preoccupied by all liveliness and your guests. I consider it my job to create relaxed little breaks for photo moments.

It's often in between those moments, that I get to shoot the most amazing and storytelling pictures.
How a groom kneels to display his wife's veil, just before they pose. How a couple of friends are having fun, when they're gathering to have their grouppics taken.

Capturing those emotions and feelings on the right time, is what tells a story and relationship between people.