A wedding


This blog is about the wedding report of Chiel and Lisette in which they choose to get married with children. After reading and seeing the wedding photos, you will have a good impression of creative, journalistic and especially relaxed wedding photography.


What would be more fun than getting married and having your children there?

What could be more fun than marrying your own children? Personally, I think that's really great! The wedding is not only of the bride and groom together, but it is the wedding of the whole family Chiel and Lisette are married with their children and that was a fantastic wedding party! The getting ready was with the whole family, the cats there, grandmother and grandmother just at home. This way you could see how their life is, not only when they marry, but really a picture of how they are together as a family.

We also made wedding photographs with Chiel and Lisette together in the park of Vlaardingen and between marrying on the way to the Lickebaertshoeve. So the photo shoot really became a moment of them together. A little chat and attention for each other.

Once at home for lunch and actually the rest of the day, marry or not, they remain mum and dad. This meant; entertaining the children, on lap during the ceremony, as the first with the cake, just change the diaper, everything goes on. Not everything went well, but those small imperfections make the day funny, very own and recognizable for the bride and groom themselves.

I enjoyed this wedding, what a great day, Dutch sober and yet so tender. What makes life that beautiful. Celebrating love not only for each other, but for the whole family!