A wedding on


This blog post is about a wedding on the island of Vlieland, and in particular about Fleur and Joost’s special wedding coverage.
After you have read this post and have seen the wedding photos, you will have a good impression of a creative, photojournalist and especially wedding coverage.


Of this beautiful wedding

Getting married on one of the Dutch islands, especially on the island of Vlieland is truly amazing! Fleur and Joost celebrated their wedding with their adorable daughters on the island of Vlieland.

After a long journey with Babet, my second shooter, we arrived on the island of Vlieland. We cycled to the hotel on a cargo bike, which was a fantastic experience in itself. It felt as if we were going to a Destination Wedding!

All of the guests, including the wedding couple, had not started their day yet. This was great because we could join in immediately and start taking photos. I stayed close to the wedding couple and Babet rushed from the hotel to the rooms to photograph the wedding couple’s children with their grandfather and grandmother. It was a day on which the storylines were all over the place but they came together at the ceremony.

The ceremony was very personal and emotional. Fleur and Joost received nothing but warm words of congratulations, sweet speeches and musical tributes.

After a toast and a convivial drink, we took photos of the newly weds and their daughters. The weather was not great, but it was essential to photograph the four family members. Fleur and Joost were very flexible and they agreed to having a number of extra family photos taken on the beach when the weather was better.

Time to freshen up, put the children to be and walk to restaurant het Armhuis. They had a typical Dutch meal with their loved ones. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and it such a pleasure to see such happy newly weds!