Every wedding that I get to shoot, touches me in a certain way. There’s always something special at a wedding day which allows me to have a deeper experience with the wedding couple.

Sometimes I experience a wedding day that doesn’t just moves me, but I also relive from time to time for personal reasons and memories.


Today (28 April 2019) is exactly one year ago I got to shoot the wedding day of the Mexican ‘Pepe‘ & Danish ‘Anna Katharina‘ in Mexico.


Before their big day, I also met them for a loveshoot in The Netherlands. At this fun day in Utrecht we already ‘clicked’. They are such an energetic and loving couple!


They found me via Fearless Photography and asked me to shoot their wedding nearby Mexico City.
As many of you know: at weddings we usually work with two photographers. Because of the international location, I asked my friend and colleague Kathryn Krueger from Texas (USA).
She was my second shooter at this special day and together we were an incredible team!


In the slideshow underneath you find a selection of over fifty photo’s, shoot by Kathryn and me. A few of them won awards for both WPJA and Fearless Photography.
This blog post continues underneath the slideshow: scroll to read more about my special experiences at this beautiful day!


Text: Maris Maria Renne

Wedding in Mexico

It's not easy to point out what it was exactly, that made this wedding day so super special. Obviously, it had something to do with the exotic country, the beautiful surroundings and sunny weather.
But it was mostly a feeling of 'connection' that I remember the most.
Guests flew in from all over the world and everyone was in an excited holiday mood: this was so noticeable at both the party as in all pictures.

Especially the wedding couple (of which the groom was quite ill this day!) played a big part in the positive vibe which you can see at all photo's. They were so nurturing, devoted and involved to make sure everyone was enjoying an amazing day: this really moved me.
It wasn't just about the great food and fabulous entertainment: it really was all about LOVE.

I already sensed this when I met Anna Katharina with her dachshund (badger dog) 'Toby', whom she cherished as if he was her baby.
Some people shine love and trigger you as a Journalistic Bridal Photographer to join in the flow and shoot the very best pictures.

Dear Pepe & AK: Happy 1st anniversary!
XOXO Isabelle