A wedding in


A wish I had came true this year, I was allowed to photograph a wedding in Greece! Mark and Linda were married in Lefkas. This was great intense experience in terms of weddings for me. Nice people, a beautiful island, everything was euphoric! Partly due to the perfect organization of Brigitte van Rijn -the Wedding Planner- the bride and groom did not have to think about anything but only each other…



Linda is such an enthusiastic woman, she could not wait to finally get her dress on. She was just not cheering. Then Mark quietly, cool his clothes on and left with nerves, completely under control to the boat to go there with the guests to the wedding location.

At the wedding location NV Beachbar, Linda and Mark finally saw each other. The music, the sun, the view, the warmth, the beautifully decorated location, created a fairy-tale feeling. This felt too good to be true. Everyone was in the clouds. When the cake was cut, the emotions popped at some guests, it was so nice.

After a while we went back to the boat to eat at Seven Islands. If you ever go to Lefkas, then you certainly do well, to eat there. This food was not just tasty, but extremely tasty! Not only that, but also the bride and groom and all guests;). They also had a great evening there.

After that they had an after drink and I saw Linda dreaming away at the thoughts of the whole day. Nice and tired and satisfied, a day to remember your whole life.

Yet they had to hear again, Linda and Mark ha, ha! The next day, in the golden hours (end of the afternoon and evening) we went through the whole island to take pictures. Throw in villages, discover, enter roads that look strange and as icing on the cake, Kalamitsi with its wild sea and beautiful rocks! Hungry at 10 o'clock in the evening, we arrived in a village, where we were festively welcomed by the very friendly people and we were able to finish the day super and above expectations.