A wedding with


Two brides in Rotterdam: two tough and cool girls! When I think of Debbie and Jeanine, that is the first thing that comes to mind. It was a cool wedding day and it has also become a cool wedding report.

In the morning the ladies watched each other attentively while their hair and make-up was done. Of course they were very happy with the end result and with each other. The great moment of putting on the wedding dresses was so cool! Especially because Debbie and Jeanine dressed each other.


A perfect wedding

A sturdy wedding car arrived and especially Jeanine went out of her head when she saw the beautiful car. I decided to drive with them in the car to take pictures of them, it was such a cool car and perfect for pictures with these two beautiful brides in it.

After a pleasant ride, we arrived at the photo locations. These beautiful brides immediately attracted a lot of attention. Certainly after some kisses, some men rushed by to see from up close what was happening. Which was our luck because they gave me the opportunity to take photos from their aerial platform.

After this spectacle it was time to get married!

Emotions raided the ladies and also their parents. It's nice that at these moments love is felt so intense that people just love each other and say nice things to each other. After the ceremony it was time to relax. Cozy everybody gathered in the backyard, time for good food, talking, music...it was perfect.

For Babet and for me, it was time to go. We are always sorry when a beautiful wedding day is over but what makes it alright, is our excitement and the curiosity about what the wedding pictures will look like on a big screen when we finally upload them to our computers back home.