A wedding in


Well, this wasn’t just some wedding. This wedding started in Rotterdam at the Arminius and ended in Paris. It was mainly party with Alona and Paul. I think that Alona’s Russian temperament and the guests have played a big role in that.

Babet and I enjoyed the exuberance, fun and love of this bride and groom. Occasionally it was so intense that the tears welled up in my eyes, with which it is quite difficult to take pictures.



After their party, we went to Paris by train!
We took a short break, because at Gare du Nord photographer Claudine Grin picked us up. From this moment on I was second shooter and Claudine in the lead. She had found a great location in Paris, the city she lives in. We drove there with her 2CV, which was an adventure in itself.

At the end, we opened a bottle of champagne and celebrated together. We have completed this party in style!

Wedding Rotterdam photography: Isabelle Hattink and Babet Trommelen

Paris photography: Claudine Grin and Isabelle Hattink

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