Text on behalf of Isabelle Hattink, by Maris Maria Renne

Today it’s Mother’s Day and I thought this was a beautiful opportunity for a special post on my wedding blog. Like many special days or holidays, weddings have certain traditions which confront you with your family or certain sensitivities.

Those sensitivities and emotions are ‘real life’. Though not always pleasant and often painful or sad, it’s good to experience them and I love photographing real feelings and emotions. Because in the end, this is all that counts: basic love.
The photo’s I get to shoot are a loving memory or contribute to a healing process (or both).

Every wedding couple wishes to experience Maternal Love at their wedding day. Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy this.
I mostly spot mothers at wedding days, handling with thousands of chores. Even when there’s a wedding planner: mothers often play important roles which are not always noticeable for all guests.

Seemingly small gestures, but actually very important and caring: this always moves me!
It’s most often the mothers who make sure that family (and inlaws) are friendly welcomed and that the younger and older generations are taken care of. It’s mostly Mom who makes sure that tissues are close and who guards the wedding dress from stains.
I’ve spotted mothers at weddings with impressive organization skills, sincere love and care and also having to act like a calming psychologist.

In the slideshow underneath, I’ve selected many of my favorite photo’s which show true maternal love.
The first picture is of a loving grandmother, who is fixing her granddaughter’s suspender belt.
This blog post continues underneath the slideshow.



Grandma was ecstatic when she heard she got to be present, during the 'getting ready of the bride'. I saw her glow of pride, being amongst women of several generations.
When no-one was able to fix the bride's suspender belt, Grandma said: 'I know this, we wore those back in the days!' and she fixed it within seconds. I had just enough time to take a picture!
Grandma's emotions were so moving and real: her face when she saw her granddaughter in her wedding dress and that she had been able to help out.

But also when you're a young Mom yourself and you're getting married, you'll experience the 'job' doesn't wait. That's why I personally love the picture of the bride who sneaked out of all festivities, to breastfeed her baby.
You'll always be a mother, whatever happens and even on your own wedding day: Mama is 'Key' in la familia.

Not everyone or every family gets to experience this. Often Mothers or maternal love are missed. This is always visible and sensible at weddings and leaves no-one unmoved.
That's why today, I thought it was a good day to contemplate all loving Moms, but also the maternal love you maybe are missing even more today.