As a journalistic wedding photographer, you need to be able to let go of your own emotions or feelings, to photograph situations as they are.
But obviously: we’re also just human, so this is not always possible.
Subconciously we use our personal emotions, when we are confronted with something that touches you.


The life experience you bring to your weddings are actually a bonus, because you’re so much more conscious of the importance of certain emotions. I consider this as a gift for the wedding couple.


For me: I haven’t seen my father for six years. I still notice how I always emphasize on father-daughter connections, more than I might need to do.
I realize from my own personal experience that a connection like this is not always self-evident, but it can be truly amazing.


Luckily I am grateful to speak my father again on a daily basis. Also: he often travels with me abroad! He often accompanies me to international workshops, conferences and weddings.
He was present at one of the first conferences I was speaking at (in Budapest, for Fearless 2017) and this was one of the most important conferences of my life. During my presentation I showed a slideshow, in which he joined at his guitar.


My Dad also joined me to a Jewish-Orthodox wedding in Jerusalem, at which he was immediately accepted as one of the guests. I often bring my father to business occasions. Because my work is so focussed on family connections, his presence always gives an extra dimension.


In the slideshow underneath, I’ve added some of my favorite wedding pics at which father-love is obviously showing. I also added a few photo’s of my father and me ‘at work’ and some beautiful portraits of us together.
Credits for these portraits of my father go to: Jeff Cooke, Jenn Nauss, Dries Rengle. Linda Bouritius, Gilad Mashiah
The text continues below the slideshow!


Last week was Father's Day and today I wanted to emphasize the perspective from a wedding photographer's point of view. I feel privileged to include my own father in the experience of my work, which is also my way of living.
I hope this remains an inspiration for my way of photographing, but also for fellow photographers: how they see or show their own family connections in their work.

At this day, my father is well known amongst my colleagues and friends (he goes by the name 'The Legend'). I'm hardly allowed to join a party, without bringing him as my +1.
I hope my Dad gets to join me on many more travels to come, even if I have to push him forward in a wheelchair.
Love you Pops: 'Oh boy...' ;-) (inside joke that doesn't translate well in English haha)

Xx Isabelle