One on one

Finding balance

Do you also want to get the most out of yourself and do you find it important to develop yourself as a wedding photographer?

Then I can help you!
With one-on-one mentoring and workshops, we map out your development points and make a plan to lift them to a higher level.

Over the years I have been able to experience various challenges: for example the transition from analogue to digital, the market that is changing, working 80 hours a week for 4 years, but also becoming a mother and being there for my family and friends.

I specialized as a wedding photographer, followed and taught the necessary workshops, conducted intervision with colleagues, carried out portfolio reviews, interns and second shooters.

In a 1 on 1 mentoring I like to answer all your questions to be able to grow as a wedding photographer!

Questions that are discussed during a development process, for example:

- What are my strengths and weaknesses in my photography?
- Can we create a step-by-step plan together to develop as a wedding photographer?
- Which marketing strategy can I best apply in my company?
- How can I continue to challenge myself in photography?

- How can I improve my post processing and workflow?
- What do I do with situations that I find difficult as a wedding photographer?
- How can I improve my journalistic skills?
- How do I deal with stress, family and work combination, or choosing between a steady job or a photographer?

With me in the studio we will go through all the points that you run into or that you want to know more about. I can be booked per half day (4 hours) or as a development process of 6 months.

I know that you, as an entrepreneur, experience everything. Total silence in assignments until times that 5 requests per day are normal. How can you find a balance in this, especially with a family? Time management, dare to say no, choose yourself, but also continue to challenge yourself as a photographer, take a critical look at your work, dare to think bigger, get out of your comfort zone, etc.

These are things that are necessary to be able to develop as a wedding photographer.

I really enjoy sharing this knowledge and experience with colleagues. That is why I have set myself the goal of helping other wedding photographers. Because I want everyone to have a healthy balance in work and in private life.


Develop yourself

You are a wedding photographer at the next step in your development. You are looking for fast development with useful tips that you can actually apply directly to achieve the improved results. In addition to mentoring, we also offer various workshops that include certain themes such as optimizing your business model, shooting at the right

time, workflow, selecting, sales, profiling on the Internet and more. With more than 15 years experience and 600 weddings (national and international) in my name, I like to share my knowledge on these topics. Look below for the workshop possibilities and click on one of the upcoming workshops to join.