Samen aan het werk

Samen aan het werk

FotoBelle bestaat uit een team met succesvolle en inspirerende freelancers. Omdat wij een perfecte band hebben zijn we klaar voor het trouwseizoen. We plannen alles, we werken samen,

Because of our perfect partnership we are more than ready for wedding season. We have everything planned out, we work together, selections are distributed among us and photo editing services are taken care of by professionals.

Babet is mijn vaste second shooter en ik hou ervan om met haar te werken. Ze fotografeert ook A Day in the Life reportages.

and I love working with her. She also provides the A Day in the Life photography services.

Naast mijn vaste second shooter Babet, heb ik ongeveer 10 collega's waarmee ik vaker samenwerk, omdat de trouwfotografie sector een hechte gemeenschap is en wij altijd klaar staan om iemand te helpen.
Ook werk ik met videografen, dus ben je op zoek naar een videograaf voel je vrij om het te vragen, ik ben bereid jullie te helpen!

Besides my regular second shooter Babet, I have about 10 colleagues with whom I work regularly, because the wedding photography sector is a close-knit community and we are always ready to help each other if necessary. I also work with videographers on a regular basis, so if you are looking for a videographer, I will be glad to advise you.

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FotoBelle was set up by Isabelle Hattink in 2001 after she had obtained her degree in photographic design from the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost in Breda.

She photographs your wedding with enthusiasm and passion to show a real life story. She uses a photojournalist style and there is always an assistant or a second shooter at her side.

“I love spontaneous, powerful and exuberant emotions. I feel really privileged that you are allowing me to be part of your wedding day and that I get to take photos that capture your unique moments.”


Babet has been a photographer at FotoBelle since 2014.

Babet loves children and we can see this in her wonderful children’s portraits. She immediately understands family ties and this is why she is able to document emotions and tell a story in a most beautiful fashion.

Babet also provides the Day in the Life photography services at FotoBelle. She accompanies you so that she can provide a documentary that tells the story of your family.

In addition to providing photography services, Babet also takes care of the wedding album design layouts.


Hanneke provides the photo editing services for FotoBelle. She delivers professional work and she regularly consults with Isabelle about Isabelle’s specific wishes for the wedding coverages. Isabelle and Hanneke work closely together to ensure that they deliver a perfectly edited coverage. Hanneke is the owner of  editing moments.

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Hermance takes care of the selections for FotoBelle. Selections are always made in consultation with Isabelle and Babet. Hermance is a photographer herself and she also provides video services and she can therefore support our team in this perfectly.


Ilja organizes and manages the diary for FotoBelle. She schedules all appointments, takes care of the administrative work and she sees to it that we can focus on the creative process as much as possible. Ilja is the owner of Assistant@work.

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