Our photographic approach


Welcome and thank you for your interest in FotoBelle wedding photography. You have probably browsed through the wedding photos on this site and would like to know a bit more.

In general we use a photo journalist style of wedding photography for the wedding coverages and all pre-wedding love shoots.

You can find more information about our overall approach and/or an indication of the wedding coverages and pre-wedding love shoots under the tabs above this text.

We hope you like what you see and read and if you are interested and would like to meet us and talk about the possibilities you are very welcome in our studio.

Coffee is always ready!

Photography has become a way of life for Isabelle. The beauty of this profession is that she can continue to develop as a photographer. Isabelle and her team like a journalistic approach, they are storytellers. We therefor ask you not to pose, but to experience the day as if we are not present. This way we can capture the authentic and wonderful emotions of you and your family and friends. The laughs ass well as the tears.

Your wedding day will become a story you will look back upon with a smile.

A beautiful day in your life, with the people you love, which will always remain through the photos.

We need two ingredients from you to make the wedding photography as extraordinary as possible. Those are your trust and your confidence. If you trust us we can do our work well and feel the freedom to make the best pictures of every special moment.

You will get the most creative photos we can make and we can photograph your unique story as pure, true and authentic as possible.

1. We don’t live in the Netherlands. How can we communicate?
Most of my clients abroad hire me without an in-person meeting but I’m also very happy to set up a Skype/ FaceTime video call with you whenever you are available.

2. Do you travel for weddings?
Yes, I love to travel. I’ve shot weddings in Greece, France, Austria, Italy, Belgium and of course the Netherlands. On my list are a lot of other country’s.

3. How do we arrange your travel?
We will book our own airfare, hotel and transportation. So there is nothing you don’t have to worry about.

4. How many images will you deliver?
This depends on the packages you have chosen, click here for more information: wedding photography prices and packages.

5. Will we get images in hi-res?
Yes. You’ll get all images, post-processed and as high-resolution digital files (JPG) without logo.

6. When will we get our photos?
Two weeks after your wedding you’ll get a preview with my favourites from your wedding. Within 8 to 12 weeks after your wedding you’ll get all the images – ready to be printed – with an password-protected online gallery and on USB You also receive a slide-show.

7. How long will the online slide show be available?
Your slide-show will be available for you and your friends all over the world for at least 1 year, the online gallery for a minimum 1 year.

8. Are you also making traditional pictures?
Yes, if you wish of course a few. Also details of the styling, flowers, or other important wishes. If you like to have group pictures, this is of course no problem.

9. How do you describe your style?
For most of the time is photo journalistic. You will not remark us, we make pictures of all emotions and your wedding story during the day without interrupting. We also like to make creative portraits, just a moment with the two of you. We uses different kinds of techniques, looking for interesting light or compositions, to make this kind of portraits really a peace of art for you.

10. How long do we need for the creative portraits/our photo session?
This could be from 10 minutes to 2 hours. If you have 2 or 3 times a little session of 30 minutes together, it become really a moment for you both to speak, hug and really be together. I try it to be as spontaneous as possible. So little posing moments, are feeling like, having your moment just the to of you, then 2 hours walking and posing all the time.

11. When is the best time to make a portrait session?
Early in de morning or at the end of the day, when the sun low. Also night sessions during the party for 20 minutes are also possible and very nice to do.

12. Would you like to eat on our wedding?
If that is possible, yes please. Lunch and diner would be great. This could be simple or if you wish near the guests so we can make pictures of every moment during diner.

13. How many photographers will be at my wedding?
There are always at least two photographers at a wedding. The second photographer is shooting the groom getting ready, some detail shots, providing a second angle on the ceremony, making guest shots She is also assisting the first photographer with off-camera lighting for creative portraits. Sometimes there is a third shooter who is most of the time a (light)assistant.