A day in


An ordinary day in your life will be turned into special memories.

All the little things in life that seem to be so ordinary, are actually very special. Childhood memories such as playing outside, cuddling on the sofa, walking to school are more valuable than we realize. Because of this realization, a new style of photography came into being. A Day in The life photography.


Babet captures a family's life

In a full day or a half day session Babet Trommelen captures a family’s life with a relaxed and photojournalistic approach. There is no posing involved.

The emotions of the of the day are all captured including the funny, sad, happy, angry, surprising, loving moments. This does not only show the characters in the family, but also the character of a family.

Are you a team, is there a lot of chaos, are you outdoor people, do you cuddle your children a lot? It is wonderful to see how ordinary things in life contribute to the moments of happiness in your memory. How wonderful to be able to give this visual history to your children some day.

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