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This is your wedding! An adventure of intense moments. Yes, I admit, I’m addicted to this experience. I fall in love with you, the moments, the people, all little things that do matter in a wedding. Why? Because it’s real life. Real life is perfect, because of the imperfections, what makes it unique, authentic, your story, typically you and your memory.


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Hi, I’m Isabelle

Photography is about how we see life. I love people and how they live their unique lives, it’s just the little things that I love. I love it when a grandmother comes to a wedding in an antiquated floral dress, when everybody else is dressed up to the nines. I love it when the father of the bride is overwhelmed by emotions when he sees his daughter in her bridal gown. Those things are memories and wedding photographers are experts at capturing this. I strongly believe that moments in pictures are the most important materialistic things that remain of a wedding. Making people happy with this for life and the next generation is so inspiring. I love to get to know you and get involved with you when you embark on this intense adventure, that is called a wedding!




"It is so much fun to have your wedding day photographed by Isabelle of FotoBelle! Every time we open our album we relive the day a little. During our first meeting before the wedding we were certain that FotoBelle had to capture our most beautiful day after having seen some of her examples. We talked about the fact that posing for photos is not really our thing but Isabelle made us feel at ease in such a way that even those photos turned out to be fun and beautiful. During the day you sometimes did not even notice her and therefore she was able to make very beautiful and spontaneous photos. Isabelle has an eye for detail and she makes beautiful and creative photos and we are VERY happy with the results. She has captured the atmosphere of the day perfectly. Many thanks, Isabelle!"


"Our first contact with Isabelle was very relaxed and we had a clear picture of the fantastic photos Isabelle makes. She was our first choice. During our wedding day we hardly noticed her presence but she knows how to capture the precious moments and to make everyone feel at ease. Even if you do not want to pose, she will take photos in which you come across very naturally. The album and the parent albums were very much appreciated. Everyone who sees our wedding photos is wildly enthusiastic. FotoBelle stands for creativity, conviviality and professionalism and first class results!"


"We had already seen Isabelle at work at Martine’s and Brenda’s father’s wedding. The end result is a beautiful wedding album with original and creative photos that have really captured the atmosphere of the wedding. So when we started planning our own wedding, we did not have to think twice about the wedding photographer we wanted to hire! Isabelle took ample time to discuss our wishes and on our wedding day which she translated into beautiful photos. We are very happy with our photos because Isabelle captured the mood and the atmosphere of our wedding perfectly. She has an incredible eye with attention to detail. Whenever we show our wedding album to our guests, they always say: What a beautiful album and what wonderful, creative and non-traditional photos!"


"We got married in the presence of a very small group of close family and friends in Hotel New York in Rotterdam. We wanted our wedding to be SMALL and intimate but we also wanted a MAGNIFICENT photo reportage. And that was a resounding success! We found FotoBelle by searching on the Internet using Google. The style of the photos on the website immediately appealed to us and we made an appointment for a personal meeting. We immediately felt: this is going to be alright! And Isabelle exceeded our expectations to the max. A slideshow we could not get enough of when we first saw it (and again and again) and lots and lots of amazing photos and a fantastic wedding album. Not only is Isabelle very professional, but she is also bold and plucky and these qualities have contributed to an amazing result."


"We are very happy that we have chosen Isabelle to be our wedding photographer. At the initial meeting we already felt a great trust in Isabelle. She is very enthusiastic and accommodating with respect to finding photo locations. Isabelle was very flexible; in consultation with her we decided on the style of shots we wanted. The day itself went according to plan, and the photos we received after our wedding were downright amazing."


"How happy we were with our choice! Especially when halfway through the day the first photos were shown on TV screens- this was also something we had arranged with Isabelle- and both we and our guests kept staring at them, open-mouthed. Is that really them/ is that really us? Unbelievable!? It made us realize that a good and professional photographer can take you back to that specific day and that specific moment and they ensure that you can browse through your photo album with pride and a smile and that you can say to yourself and your partner in about fifty years’ time: ”what an awesome day that was! Isabelle has certainly been very successful. She has made our most beautiful day even more special and spectacular and we will never forget it! Many, many thanks Isa, you definitely rock!"