Private mentoring

private mentoring by Isabelle Hattink, wedding photographer

Private mentoring

On this page you will find information about private mentoring by Isabelle Hattink, wedding photographer established in Rotterdam.

Do you want to get the most out of yourself and would you like to take your wedding photography to the next level? Then I can help you with private mentoring on a one-to-one basis in which your personal development points are addressed.

I have experienced many different challenges in the course of many years; for example the transition from analogue to digital, the changing market, working 80 hours a week for 4 years, becoming a mother and apart from work, being there for my family and friends. I am specialized in wedding photography and I have given and taken the necessary workshops, I have done peer-to-peer coaching with colleagues, portfolio reviews and brought along trainees and second shooters.

I know that you have to deal with a lot in your work as an entrepreneur (more than 15 years experience and more than 500 wedding shoots). From total silence at times that 5 enquiries a day are the norm. How can you find a balance in this, especially when you have a family? Time management, having the courage to say no to a client, looking after yourself, but also being challenged to appraise your work critically, daring to think big, getting out of your comfort zone, etcetera. These are things you need to be able to develop as a wedding photographer.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with colleagues. That is why it is my mission to help other wedding photographers by means of private mentoring and coaching. I encourage everyone to have a good balance between work and private life.

In one-to-one mentoring I will happily provide answers to your questions so that you can grow as a wedding photographer!

• What are my strengths and weaknesses in photography?
• Can we make a step-by-step plan to develop my wedding photography?
• What marketing strategy should I use in my business?
• How can I keep challenging myself in photography?
• How can I optimize my post processing and workflow?
• How do I handle difficult situations?
• How can I improve my photo journalist skills?
• How do I cope with stress, combination of work and family, choosing between a permanent job and being a photographer?

We will go through all of these points and all of the issues you may have at my studio. You can book me per session (4 hours), per day or on a monthly basis as part of a development programme.

Per session (4 hours): 399 EURO
Per day (8 hours) incl. lunch: 799 EURO
1 year of mentoring, 3 hours per month x 12: 250 EURO per month

(Prices are exclusive of VAT and any travelling costs)

 Interested? Please contact me with any of your questions.

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